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Addiction treatment by Dr. Moamen Nada Center is carried out through an integrated treatment plan that includes both pharmacological and psychological treatment, This is carried out in cooperation with the best addiction treatment clinic in Egypt, which guarantees safety, confidentiality and the success of the process of recovering from addiction once and for all.

Addiction treatment with Dr. Moamen Nada Center follows the 5 standard stages of addiction treatment (comprehensive physical and psychological examination – toxins extraction from the blood and dealing with extraction symptoms – psychotherapy – social rehabilitation and prevention of relapse – continuous follow-up after treatment).

Unlike many other medical centers, Dr. Momen Nada Center is an elite group of doctors specializing in the treatment of addiction and deals with the best addiction treatment clinic licensed  by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and fully equipped in terms of treatment devices and accommodation, and diet.

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What is addictive and addictive?

Addiction, in fact, is a psychological and physical disease, one of the most prominent symptoms of which is the compulsive desire to use a certain substance in order to obtain false happiness/comfort for a short period, which makes the addicted person cannot abstain from using it and even seeks to increase the doses of that substance regardless of the damages resulting from it. .

Addict thinks in a certain way that always makes him feel inferior, feel fear, anxiety, depression, and despise himself.


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What is addiction and addictied - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
10 types of addiction treated by Dr. Moamen Nada Center

10 types of addiction treated by Dr. Moamen Nada Center

There are many types of addiction that Dr. Momen Nada treats according to the type of narcotic substance as follows:

  1. Cocaine Addiction Treatment

    Cocaine is extracted from the coca plant, which belongs to the class of nervous system stimulants and is the most addictive drug of the first time.

  2. Heroin Addiction Treatment

    Heroin is extracted from opium, which calms the nervous system. The body enters a state of extreme calm and relaxation as a result of the slow transmission of nerve signals between brain centers, and with continued use, it causes a state of rapid addiction that occurs in several stages.

  3. Estrox Addiction Treatment

    Estrox is a mixture of the cannabis plant mixed with marjoram, atropine and hyoscine, in addition to other chemicals. It causes severe addiction when abused.

  4. Lyrica Addiction Treatment

    Lyrica pills are originally a drug that is considered a sedative and anti-epileptic that slows the transmission of nerve impulses between the centers of the brain that lead to seizures, but unfortunately when taken without the supervision of a doctor and continuous follow-up it turns into addiction.

  5. Crystal-Meth Addiction Treatment

    Crystal-Meth  is one of the chemicals extracted from methamphetamine, a nervous system stimulant that comes in the form of crystal crystals and causes a severe addictive effect when taken continuously.

  6. Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    Alcohol is an intoxicating substance consisting of ethanol, which is processed to be drinkable. It caused a severe addictive effect and dangerous psychological effects when used for long periods and in large doses.

  7. Cannabis Addiction Treatment

    Cannabis is one of the most famous addictive drugs, as 50% of those who use the drug become addicted constantly, as cannabis is extracted from the cannabis plant, in the form of a resin that is dried and smoked.

  8. Captagon Addiction Treatment

    Captagon is a stimulant of the nervous system, which is extracted from phenethylene derived from amphetamines in addition to other chemicals. It was used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but when it is outside medical supervision, addiction occurs.

  9. Banjo Addiction Treatment

    Banjo is a derivative of the cannabis plant, which is found in the flower at the top of the plant. It is used by picking it and drying it away from the sun, then rubbing it and grinding it afterwards. Banjo users add it to tobacco and smoke it with cigarettes.

  10. Voodoo Addiction Treatment

    Voodoo is one of the most dangerous types of addiction that has emerged recently, and it is made of hashish, in addition to some chemical mixtures and narcotic tablets. Which caused a strong addictive effect when severely abused.

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What are the symptoms of addiction?

There are some symptoms that some treatment centers consider clear symptoms of addiction and are used to identify addicts, including:

  • Isolation and loneliness – as a result of a person’s addiction, his social skills decrease and he resorts to isolation and loneliness to escape confrontation and integration among society because of his differences in thought, style, speech and interests from them, so he resorts to sitting alone.
  • Denial – is to deny the reality of his addiction and that he does not have any problem with drugs despite his inability to abstain and deny the problems that his condition has reached as a result of drugs.
  • Justification – which is the continuous justification of what he has reached because of the surrounding problems and circumstances and always placing the responsibility on those around him to justify his addiction and often playing the role of the oppressed.
  • Moral Decay – Then the addict becomes ready to do whatever it takes to get a small amount of the drug so that he is ready to do some immoral and illegal things and herein lies his danger and lack of principles completely.
  • Deterioration – the addict’s condition deteriorates over time, his addiction and the rate of substance abuse increases, and his condition worsens from day to day.
  • Substitution – the addict tries to replace the drug with a drug that is less harmful than it is because he believes that this is a solution to the problem, but over time he takes his main drug in addition to that drug.
  • Embarrassment – the addict gets embarrassed as a result of his addiction and exposure to various situations, and his method of dealing is either by running away or using violence.
  • Feeling of guilt – the addict gets that feeling as a result of his actions and the losses that have occurred to him and to those around him from family and friends, although he cannot do anything about that.
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Addiction Symptoms - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
Causes of addiction - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Causes of addiction

There are many reasons for a person to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and the most common of these are:

  • Ignorance of the dangers of drug use.
  • The weakness of the religious faith and socialization unsound.
  • Disintegration of the family.
  • Poverty, ignorance and illiteracy.
  • Obscene wealth and extravagance without account.
  • Parents’ preoccupation with their children, and the lack of supervision and guidance.
  • Lack of conversation between the family members.
  • Associated with bad guys.
  • Unemployment.
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Effects and consequences of addiction

Addiction has many negative effects on both the individual and society, the most prominent of which are:

  • Health problems Drug addiction leads to physical and mental health problems, depending on the type of drug used.
  • Loss of consciousness, coma and sudden death, especially when taking high doses or if drugs or alcohol are combined.
  • Infection with infectious diseases such as AIDS, whether through forbidden sexual relations or by sharing needles.
  • Traffic accidents in the event of drunkenness.
  • Suicide as a result of depression that affects an addict
  • Family problems and marital disputes due to behavioral changes that occur in the drug addict.
  • Legal issues as drug addiction leads to theft, driving under the influence of drugs and others.
    8. Financial problems Drug addiction leads to spending money without an account in order to buy it, putting the addict under the weight of debt and leading him to illegal and immoral behaviors.
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Effects and consequences of addiction - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
Addiction treatment prices - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Addiction treatment prices

؛rices of addiction treatment in Egypt vary greatly from one addiction treatment clinic to another. There are even addiction treatment centers for free, but of course the quality level is poor and the cure rate is very low.

Average prices for addiction treatment service in Egypt

Addiction treatment prices vary according to several factors, as follows:

  1. The type and duration of the treatment program, where the cost increases in the case of a full stay in the sanatorium and the length of stay increases as well, while the cost decreases if the treatment is in the form of visits.
  2. The physical and psychological state of the addict, and the level of addiction Whereas, the more advanced the addiction, the greater the effort required to treat it, and therefore the more costly. addictive
  3. Recreational addiction clinic services, the higher the level of accommodation, meals and recreational activities, the higher the cost.
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Why should I seek addiction treatment by Dr. Moamen Nada Center?

Dr. Moamen Nada Center provides an elite of doctors specializing in addiction treatment and cooperates with the best addiction clinic in Egypt, and is characterized by:

  • Confidentiality of treatment is guaranteed
  • Highest cure rate
  • A comprehensive physical and psychological examination
  • A unique approach to dealing with toxins extraction symptoms
  • Continuous follow-up after recovery to prevent relapse
How do I get addiction treatment service?

You can request and obtain addiction treatment service at Dr. Momen Nada Center fast, easy, and at the lowest prices through the following steps:

  1. Contact us with an explanation of the addict’s condition and the type of addiction.
  2. Our customer service will inform you about everything we can provide for your case and the corresponding cost.
  3. Once your request for the service is confirmed, it is agreed that the patient will be interviewed for examination and to determine the appropriate treatment program will be established.
  4. Finally, the patient is followed up after recovery to ensure that he does not relapse again.
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