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We provide home nursing service through well-trained nursing staff (male/female), experienced in dealing with all sick cases and medical devices They work under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Home nursing services provided by Dr. Moamen Nada Center saves a lot of time, money, and effort for the patient to go from home to the hospital or medical center and vice versa. It also saves the exorbitant expenses that the patient may pay to reside in the hospital. In addition, it’s a fact that the treatment of the patient at his/her own home among family and friends allows them to check on him/her constantly. Not to mention achieving psychological comfort of the patient by being cared for in his/her home away from the atmosphere of hospitals.

Moreover, what makes private nurse special at Dr. Moamen Nada Center is the selection process of all staff; Each of our home nurses has certificates and training courses specialized in nursing, and they have a license to practice the profession of nursing from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

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What is home nursing?

Home nursing is the reliance on nurses to take care of patients in their homes, and the nurse can follow up on the patient’s condition on a permanent basis through the service provider’s stay with the patient at home, or follow up on specific dates by visiting him/her periodically in order to check on the patient’s health.

Home care nursing is the most prominent home medical service in which the patient’s treatment plan is completed under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Through home nursing services, the female nurse or male nurse supervises the medication, food, and daily habits that the patient must follow according to the instructions of the specialized doctor, and not only that, but also to modify the behaviors and daily routine of the patient into a healthy routine that helps him achieve faster recovery as well as improving his psychological condition.

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What is home nursing - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
What are the cases that need home health care nurse - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

What are the cases that need home health care nurse?

Home nursing may suit all patients and different cases, but it is recommended for patients who suffer from chronic diseases, are unable to move, or need to stay in hospitals for a long time, and among the most important cases that need home health nurse:

  • Patients with partial and total memory loss (Alzheimer’s).
  • Patients with fractures and lacerations, especially if they are in places responsible for movement, such as the feet, pelvis, and spine.
  • Patients who belong to the group with special needs because they need special treatment that may not be found in hospitals.
  • Critics who suffer from simple and chronic bed sores.
  • Owners of chronic diseases that need periodic follow-up inside hospitals, such as patients with chest and emerging corona, heart, diabetes, blood pressure, catheterization and others.
  • Stroke patients, brain damage patients and other diseases that may cause catastrophic risks, the most important of which is hemiplegia.
  • Oncological diseases of all kinds; Where the cancer patient suffers from fatigue and extreme fatigue, which limits his ability to go to the hospitals periodically to receive medications and specific chemical doses.
  • Patients with some diseases that need intramuscular injections, intravenous needles, or solutions, among others.
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Advantages of home nurse from Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Dr. Moamen Nada Center is considered one of the leading centers in the field of home nursing, and it is characterized by:

First: the private nurse at home

Dr. Moamen Nada Center provides the best home private nurse in Egypt by relying on trained nursing cadres (males/females), who periodically check the patient’s condition, and work on several medical measurements such as temperature measurement, blood pressure measurement and blood sugar measurement in order to check on the patient’s condition Follow up on completing the treatment plan.

Second: improve the patient’s psychology

The patient may feel very frustrated and hopeless when he is in hospitals and specialized centers as a result of the long treatment period, and that is why home nursing is the ideal solution in this case; Where the patient is at home, he can practice his various activities and hobbies after the doctor’s permission, which works to improve his psyche and thus improve the patient’s morale and immune system, which contributes effectively to resisting the disease and recovering from it quickly.

Third: Saving money spent in hospitals

Relying on a home nurse or nurse saves a lot of money that can be spent in specialized centers as a result of the patient’s permanent residence or his long-term reluctance to these centers.

Fourth: Save time and effort

One of the most important advantages of home nursing is to save the effort expended in moving to and from the hospital or specialized center, and to wait for an unknown period until the patient’s turn comes. Spinal injuries and others.

Fifth: Medical tools and supplies

The center of Dr. Moamen Nada is one of the best medical centers that provide home nursing service at the highest level; The center owns a large variety of distinctive medical equipment and devices that contribute to identifying the patient’s health condition, not only this, but also contribute to his treatment greatly through the proper diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

Sixth: Provide a great deal of care and attention

Nursing at home is one of the wonderful things that achieve a great deal of care and attention to the patient’s physical, psychological and mental condition. Where the nurse follows up and supervises one case, unlike centers and hospitals that require the nurse to follow up more than one patient at the same time, given the large number of patients inside hospitals.

Seventh: Protecting the patient from many risks

The patient’s going to the hospital is one of the main factors that may cause infection, due to the large number of patients who suffer from various diseases that may be contagious, such as viral diseases of various kinds, the most famous of which are colds and influenza, which spread quickly as soon as you talk to the other party, and it is worth mentioning Protecting the patient from the risk of infection has become one of the most important advantages of home nursing, due to the spread of the new Corona virus, which infects people as soon as they are in the same place.

Eighth: Cooperating with the patient’s family to improve his health

The nurse or nurse cooperates with the family of the patient who is permanently residing with him, in order to help him recover quickly by supporting him psychologically, following a healthy diet, and doing some psychological, physical and mental exercises if necessary.

Ninth: Conducting the necessary examinations and analyzes

If the patient suffers from some diseases that may need different analyzes or medical tests that require going to the analysis laboratories, the private nurse or the home nurse will solve this problem by taking the necessary samples to the analysis laboratory in order to examine them and obtain the result without the need for the patient to go Himself to the analysis laboratories.

Tenth: A strong and solid relationship between the nurse and the patient

One of the most important features of the home nursing service at the Dr. Moamen Nada is the emergence of a strong relationship between both nursing and the patient. The center does not rely on medical supervision only, but seeks to improve the patient’s psyche through the relationship of affection that develops between him and the service agent.

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Advantages of home nurse from Dr. Moamen Nada Center - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
Home Nursing Pricing in Egypt - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Home Nursing Pricing in Egypt

There are now many home nursing companies and centers in Egypt that provide home health care services by providing female nurse for home care, who take care of patients inside their homes, either in the form of short visits, a specific number of hours, or even 24 hours a day.

Prices Average of Home Nursing Service in Egypt

Home nursing prices vary according to several factors, as follows:

  • The condition of the patient to be cared for
  • Nursing hours per day
  • The geographical location of the patient’s home
  • The home nursing center or office of your choice, as there are many centers that exaggerate the cost of the service
  • The duration of the contract, which helps to have a certain reduction in the price of the service
  • The presence of any kind of special requests in your choice of service provider
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مركز د. مؤمن ندا عنده أفضل خدمة تمريض منزلي

21 June، 2022

مركز د. مؤمن ندا عنده أفضل خدمة تمريض منزلي. بعد أكثر من تجربة سيئة مع مكاتب تمريض أخرى ندمت عليها، أشهد لكم أنكم الأفضل.

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خدمة ممتازة. وعلى درجة عالية من الأخلاق والمهنية

21 June، 2022

خدمة ممتازة. وعلى درجة عالية من الأخلاق والمهنية. وبقدم شكر خاص لدكتور مؤمن ندا لإهتمامه ومتابعته الدائمة.

أخت الفنان تامر حسني

توفير كل احتياجات المريض

20 June، 2022

ما شاء الله بيوفروا كل حاجة للمريض من أول العلاج والمستلزمات الطبية البسيطة إلى الأجهزة اللي موجودة في المستشفيات

Ahmed Mahmoud

مركز محترم جداااا

20 June، 2022

مركز محترم جداااا .. مصداقية وشفافية ومعاملة ممتازة خصوصاً دكتور مؤمن

Mohamed Hafez

Professional Nurses

20 June، 2022

Excellent service

Professional nurses

Impressive to 24/7 service


Ayman Reda

At Dr. Moamen Nada Home Nursing Center, we believe that any private nurse must possess a high degree of medical skills and human and social standards together. Therefore, all home nurses at Dr. Moamen Nada Center have the following qualifications and skills:

  • Graduates of an accredited nursing college or institute
  • Holders of a license to practice a profession from the Egyptian Ministry of Health
  • Membership of the Egyptian Syndicate of Nursing
  • Have practical experience in hospitals or medical centers
  • The ability to deal with all diseases and chronic conditions
  • Ability to deal with all medical devices and physiotherapy methods
  • Good knowledge of medicines and medical drugs and how to use them correctly
  • Emotional stability and the ability to make decisions in critical situations
  • Awareness of the importance and sanctity of the human service they provide
  • Communication and harmony with the patient and his family
  • Preserving the secrets of the house in which the service is provided
  • The ability to work for long hours and at variable times

You can request and obtain a home nursing service at Dr. Moamen Nada Center as soon as possible and at the lowest prices, through the following steps:

  1. Contact us with clarification of the needs and conditions of the diseased case.
  2. Our customer service representative will let you know what we can provide for your case and the corresponding cost.
  3. Once your request for the service is confirmed, a provider goes home to perform the service of the highest quality possible.
  4. Finally, the client is followed up to ensure that the service is performed to his satisfaction.
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Home Nursing Service Dr. Moamen Nada - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

We provide home nursing service through well-trained nursing staff (male/female), experienced in dealing with all sick cases and medical devices.

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