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Intensive Care (ICU) whether at home or hospitals (depending on the case) is one of the most important services provided and unique to Dr. Momen Nada Center for Medical Services  With the highest quality and best prices for intensive care in Egypt.

Unlike many other medical centers, we only assign medical staff (nursing – doctors) to this service after ensuring their scientific qualifications and experience in intensive care, and that they have a permit to practice a profession from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Home ICU is the ideal solution to provide maximum medical care to the patient in his home among his family and friends, making it easy for them to check on him at any time. One of the most prominent features of the intensive care service at home is the equipment in the patient’s room with all the medical devices and supplies that the patient needs, such as the oxygen generator, the medical bed, etc.

Dr. Moamen Nada Center also provides an intensive care unit in the hospitals (Hospital ICU) at lower prices than the normal hospital prices.

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What is an intensive care unit?

Intensive care unit ICU or critical care unit CCU is a specialized department in a hospital that provides the maximum possible medical care for patients with critical and serious conditions, as it has specialized medical staff, in addition to emergency devices such as Respirators and resuscitation equipment.

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What is the Intensive Care Unit - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
What is the intensive care at home - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

What is intensive care at home?

Intensive care at home It is a unique home medical service Dr. Moamen Nada CenterThrough which the patient’s room in his home is converted into an intensive care unit similar to those in hospitals in terms of all the medical devices and supplies needed for the patient’s condition, in addition to the continuous follow-up of the patient 24 hours a day by a specialized medical staff consisting of consultants andHome Nursing Specialized in ICU & CCU.

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Advantages of intensive care service provdied by Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Dr. Moamen Nada Center is considered one of the leading centers in the field of home intensive care, and it is characterized by:

First: Providing ICU nurses

Dr. Moamen Nada Center offers the best ICU home nursing in Egypt by relying on nursing (male/female) with great experience in ICU intensive care, who monitor the patient throughout the day, and implement the medication and treatment plan specified by the treating physician.

Second: improve the patient’s psychology

The patient may feel extreme frustration and despair when he is in hospitals and specialized centers as a result of the long treatment period. Therefore, intensive care at home is the best solution in this case. Where the patient is in his home among his family and relatives, which works to improve his psyche and thus improve the morale of the patient, which effectively contributes to resisting illness/injury and recovering quickly.

Third: Saving money spent in hospitals

Intensive care at home saves a lot of money that can be spent in hospitals as a result of the patient’s stay in the hospital and booking a room of her own.

Fourth: Providing consultant doctors

One of the most important advantages of home intensive care provided through the Dr. Momen Center is the provision of consultants in various specialties to follow up the patient’s condition at home.  

Fifth: Medical devices and supplies

Dr. Moamen Nada Center is one of the best medical centers that provide intensive care services at the highest level; The center owns a large variety of distinctive medical equipment and devices that contribute to the follow-up and treatment of the patient, Not only that, but the provision of emergency equipment such as resuscitation equipment, respirators and all medical solutions,

Sixth: Protecting the patient from many risks

The presence of the patient in the hospital is one of the main factors that may cause infection, due to the large number of patients who suffer from various diseases that may be contagious, such as viral diseases of various kinds, the most famous of which are colds and flu, which spread quickly as soon as you talk to the other party.

Seventh:   Conducting the necessary examinations and analyzes

If the patient suffers from some diseases that may need different analyzes or tests that require going to the analysis laboratories, the home nurse or the home nurse will solve this problem by taking the necessary samples to the analysis laboratory in order to examine them and obtain the result without the need for the patient to go himself to the analysis laboratories.

Eighth: Providing intensive care in hospitals at reduced prices

If the patient or his family prefer to treat the patient in a hospital, Dr. Moamen Nada Center provides an intensive care unit in the hospital at reduced prices through the center’s contracts with many hospitals throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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Advantages of intensive care from Dr. Moamen Nada Center
Cases that need intensive care - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Cases that need intensive care

Intensive care is suitable for patients with life-threatening serious illnesses/injuries, most notably:

  • Dangerous acute infections
  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Respiratory insufficiency
  • COVID-19 cases
  • After serious surgeries such as heart, lung and brain operations
  • Chronic unconsciousness (comas)
  • Serious wounds and burns that need intensive care
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Types of intensive care units

With the development and specialization of medicine, the need for specialized intensive care units has increased, whether for a specific disease or a specific age group. The most prominent types of intensive care units are:

1. Newborn intensive care units

A neonatal intensive care unit, also known as an intensive care nursery, is an intensive care unit that specializes in the care of newborns or premature infants.

The neonatal intensive care unit focuses on treating babies who are very young, premature or have genetic conditions. Preterm birth and how to prevent it has remained a baffling problem for doctors.

2. Pediatric Intensive Care Units

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, usually abbreviated to PICU, aims to care for critically ill children, including adolescents. All members of the medical team in that unit are highly flexible in training and experience in order to provide high quality care.

3. Cardiac Intensive Care Units

The coronary care unit or Cardiac intensive care unit is a health unit that specializes in the care of patients with heart attacks, angina pectoris, arrhythmias and other heart diseases that require constant follow-up and treatment.

4. Surgical intensive care units

Surgical intensive care is an integral part of the treatment plan after the patient’s surgery or when his condition is critical or requires continuous follow-up for fear of a deterioration in his health.

5. Intensive care units for burns

The Burns Intensive Care Unit provides treatment and rehabilitation for all types of burns including chemical, electrical and thermal burns. It is a unit staffed by highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons and supported by the nursing staff around the clock.

6. Intensive care units for corona-virus patients

The COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (CICU) is a health unit specialized in the care and treatment of Corona patients in a safe and fully equipped environment for fear of a deterioration in their health.

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Types of Intensive Care Units - Dr. Moamen Nada Center
Intensive care prices - Dr. Moamen Nada Center

Intensive care prices

Intensive care units are considered one of the most expensive hospital facilities in terms of operating cost, due to the equipment they require and medical staff with certain specifications. On the other hand, the home intensive care unit is relatively less expensive due to the lack of occupancy of a room/ward of the limited rooms in the hospital.

Average price of intensive care service in Egypt

Intensive care prices vary according to several factors, as follows:

  1. The patient’s condition
  2. The number of medical staff members required
  3. Where to provide intensive care (home – hospital)
  4. The duration of the contract, which helps to have a certain reduction in the price of the service
  5. The geographical location of the patient’s home in the case of home intensive care
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Why do I require intensive care from Dr. Moamen Nada Center?

Dr. Moamen Nada Center is considered one of the leading centers in the field of home intensive care, and it is characterized by:

  • Providing specialized ICU nurses
  • Improving the patient’s psychology by caring for him in his home among his family and friends
  • The cost of intensive care at home is relatively lower than in hospitals
  • Providing consultant doctors in all specialties, not newly graduated doctors
  • Providing all medical devices and supplies at home
  • Conducting the necessary medical examinations and tests from home
  • Providing intensive care in hospitals at discounted prices in case the patient or his family prefer treatment within a hospital
How do I get the intensive care service?

You can request and obtain the intensive care service at Dr. Momen Nada Center fast, easy, and at the lowest prices through the following steps:

  1. Contact us  clarifying the needs and conditions of the patient.
  2. Our customer service will inform you about everything we can provide for your case and the corresponding cost.
  3. Once your request for service is confirmed, we head home to provide the highest quality service possible.
  4. Finally, the client is followed up to ensure that the service is performed to his satisfaction.
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The most important information and advice about intensive care

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